One on One Care
During your initial private consultation, a complete diagnosis and treatment plan is provided; other
Trained Professionals
DR. KERN is Double Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnosis (a test for nerve problems).
The offices of Dr. Kern draw on all available clinically proven diagnosis and treatment options to treat:
  Neck and Back Pain  
  Sports and Extremity Injuries  
  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  
  Gait Abnormalities  
  Osteoporosis Treatment & Prevention  
Physician, 1996 Olympic Games and NY Marathon;    
Attending Physician, Weill Cornell Med. Center, 1993-1997;
Double Board Certification; President of the NY Society of PMR,  2001-2003.

Board Certification, Pres of the NY Soc. of PMR, Olympics, Weill Cornell Medical Center NYC

251 Fifth Ave., 3rd Flr.
NYC 10016
W: 212-686-7229
F: 646-805-4119



"After trying many doctors,

I thought my ankle would never heal. But Dr. Kern took the time to understand my pain and prescribe a program that produced results.”
Tracy Evans

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